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Strong Criminal Defense For Tampa And Tallahassee Clients

Being charged with a crime is a frightening experience. Whether you are facing a first offense or have multiple convictions on your record, there are few things more frightening than being arrested and knowing you could be going to jail. You need a lawyer who will fight for you, to make sure you protect your future.

At Rashad Green Firm, P.A., attorney Green is a lawyer who will fight for you. He has built a reputation for meticulous, successful criminal defense marked by a firm commitment to client communication. Serving clients throughout the Tampa and Tallahassee areas, he has a remarkable track record of successful criminal defense. Mr. Green is a former prosecutor who understands the criminal justice system inside and out. He will do everything possible to help you avoid jail time and protect your future.

Vigorous Defense Against DUI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) is the primary criminal defense area handled by the firm. Many people charged with DUI are not hardened criminals. They’re often people who made one simple mistake. But a conviction for DUI could be catastrophic, so it is critical to fight against drunk driving charges aggressively.

Criminal Defense For Students

Similar to DUI charges, criminal charges against college students often involve one simple mistake that could result in a lifetime of consequences. Attorney Rashad A. Green represents college students in criminal defense matters. He helps with the criminal side and works with school boards to prevent expulsion. It is important to make sure your son or daughter does not jeopardize their future. Working with a trusted attorney can help your child avoid prison time, fines and loss of education.

Drug Charges

Mr. Green represents clients charged with all types of drug crimes, including:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • Drug trafficking and related charges

A critical aspect of drug crime defense involves a careful exploration of the police report. When the police violate any of the laws regulating searches, arrests and interrogations, it could nullify their evidence against you. As a skilled, experienced attorney and former prosecutor, Rashad Green knows how to uncover mistakes made by the police, and he knows how to argue his clients’ cases before judges and juries.

Felony Defense

The firm takes misdemeanors, petty theft cases and simple traffic violations. But felonies represent the most serious of all crimes, with the most significant penalties resulting from convictions. Rashad Green Firm, P.A. provides strong criminal defense against white-collar felonies, major drug crimes, felony DUI and other major felonies.

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