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Substances and their side effects

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | DUI Defense

After drinking or consuming other types of drugs in Florida, you might not immediately see the impacts that they have on your body. Once you begin to consume substances in excess or even after a short time after consuming a small amount of a drug, there are a few symptoms that can be present that could result in criminal charges if you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.


One of the first symptoms of intoxication that you might notice and that is often examined if you’re stopped for a DUI is your lack of coordination. You might not be able to stand upright without losing your balance as you normally would or could encounter difficulties in using your hands to touch areas of your body or other objects.


After consuming alcohol and other substances, your speech could change. It’s possible that you could slur your words, resulting in other people not being able to understand what you’re saying. It’s also possible that you could become very loud when you’re talking, especially if you think that you’re unable to hear other people or if you feel as though you need to get a point across and need to talk louder in order to do that.


A dangerous symptom of intoxication is drowsiness. You could begin to feel sleepy and find that it’s difficult to keep your eyes open. If you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, this could result in hitting another vehicle or a piece of property, such as a tree or a mailbox.

While there are times when you might not feel the impacts of using various substances, it’s possible that symptoms will be displayed quickly and for others to see.