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Drunk driving deaths have increased nationwide

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | DUI Defense

Florida highways could become the site of a fatal collision when drunk drivers collide with other vehicles. Nationwide, there appears to be an increase in DUI-related deaths.

Drunk driving fatalities increase

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles accident statistics in the United States. Details suggest a significant increase in drunk driving-related fatalities. Specifically, the increase between 2019 and 2020 was 14%. Be aware fatalities do not include those collisions that result in catastrophic or even minor injuries.

Awareness campaigns reflect a strategy intended to reduce instances of drunk driving. A private organization could work with local governments to distribute information about the dangers. Unfortunately, such steps have their limitations. Some drivers suffer from uncontrollable substance-abuse issues. Even after repeated arrests, these drivers may continue to operate vehicles while under the influence.

Additionally, some drivers might not operate a vehicle intoxicated frequently, but they may make the occasional mistake. No matter. All it takes is one bad decision to cost someone their life. Leaving a bar and getting behind the wheel drunk could be a regrettable mistake. The driver might assume they can arrive home without problems, only to become involved in a fatal collision.

Negligence and the drunk driver

Some might believe that having only one drink is not a problem since blood alcohol concentration levels would be far lower than the .08% required to be legally intoxicated. It doesn’t matter. A person can be under the legal limit but still too drunk to drive.

Individuals may face a personal injury lawsuit if they cause an accident because of a DUI offense. The lawsuit could seek compensation for injuries and property damage.

Wrongful death lawsuits could be the most financially consequential. Victims may seek substantial settlements due to the losses caused by such an incident.