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Penalties for minors who commit traffic violations

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Traffic Violations

The state of Florida has enacted a number of sanctions that can be imposed for traffic violations by minors. Here are just a few.

Sanction options for a minor in Florida

Sanctions for traffic violations by minors can take a number of forms. In the case of a first offense, the court may choose to reprimand or counsel the minor involved. It may also choose to take this action with the parents or legal guardians of the minor.

The court may also require the minor to attend a traffic school that is conducted by a public authority. The length of time that the minor must attend this program will be dictated by the court.

A Florida court may also order the minor to pay a fine to their local government. This fine will be a sum that will not exceed the amount of the maximum fine that an adult charged with the same offense would have to pay.

Other sanctions that may be applied

There may be an additional number of sanctions that could be applied to a minor charged with this type of offense. The court may order a minor to take part in public service or community work project. This participation will be limited to a certain number of hours as stipulated by the court. A minor who participates in these programs will be considered a temporary state employee.

A Florida court may choose to impose a curfew or other attendant restriction on the liberty of the minor. These restrictions may last for a period that is not to exceed a total of six months. The court may also require the minor to participate in a registered youthful driver monitoring program for a certain period.