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What to know about Florida’s point system

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2022 | Traffic Violations

Florida uses a point system for certain traffic violations, such as speeding. If a driver gets too many points, it could get their license suspended. However, a driver can possibly reduce the points on their license.

Florida point system overview

The Florida point system assigns points based on the type of traffic offense, ranging from three to six. Traffic violations that get three points include failure to stop at a traffic sign, child restraint violations, careless driving, and open container violations.

Points remain on the license for up to 36 months, beginning when the driver pays the fines or satisfies court orders. The suspension periods for points are:

• 30 days for 12 points within 12 months
• 90 days for 18 points
• 1 year for 24 points

Minors who receive six points in 12 months on their license will get their licenses suspended for one year with a restricted license. If they accumulate additional points while on the restricted license, it extends the suspension by 90 days per point.

Removing and reducing points

In most cases, the DMV removes three points after the license suspension, but drivers have some options. Drivers can pay the ticket, go to court, or take a traffic course, but they have 30 days to answer the ticket.

A driver’s improvement course is available for certain traffic violations and is often the ideal way to remove points. However, drivers can only participate in traffic school once yearly, and more serious traffic offenses aren’t commonly eligible.

While paying the ticket may seem logical, it can increase insurance rates. Contesting the ticket is another option. If the driver isn’t sure what to do, it’s important to research and understand their options.